Eye care for the family

Our Covid-19 Response

As part of our commitment to all our customers we would like to outline the measures we have put in place to protect you from the threat of the virus.

1. We are restricting access to our premises engaging a locked door policy to monitor the number of patients in our reception area at any one time.

2. Our staff have been trained to to use PPE so as to protect our customers and themselves within the workplace. 

3. We have changed the way the reception area looks inline with direction to protect against spreading the virus. A protective screen has been erected for this purpose.

4. The guidelines from the government are to wear a face covering in enclosed spaces, however, whilst Opticians are one of the exceptions to this directive, we would prefer customers to wear face coverings to protect both themselves, other patients and staff. (Unless you come under one of the legally exempt groups.)

5. We have put in place specialised air purifying equipment incorporating UV Filtration of the air to produce a 98% sterile environment in the consulting room. (UV light is a known destroyer of Covid 19.) 

6. Please come along alone or with one family member or carer, to again help control the number of people we have in the practice at any one time.

7. We encourage customers to examine frames/stock etc. However, any frames or sunglasses that have been put on the face must be removed from the display until sterile. (White boxes are provided for items to be placed in and removed from display.)